A reminder about commenting on posts


Don’t ask for much, but yours truly wants to make a simple request to the readers of this very blog:

Several recent incidents here and a few other media-related sites in the blogosphere has led yours truly to crack down on commenters who are out there just to cause trouble and have no interest in the subject whatsoever.

If you want to comment on a story, please keep it free of personal attacks and spam and make sure it pertains to the subject matter only (except if you want to say how great the blog is… well, that’s okay. If you want to promote a TV or radio show, that’s cool, too – as long if it is related to the post.) Criticize me if you want, but at least keep it clean and on topic.

Don’t mean to be harsh, but we’re trying to maintain a professional image here, and yours truly doesn’t want this site to turn into a free-for-all where it gets out of hand and the comments on the blog end up with people insulting each other’s wiener size.

Swearing, trolling, spamming, racial slurs, drive-by potshotting (i.e. picking a post at random and commenting on something that’s not related to it), and other misconduct will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with this simple request will result in your comment being deleted in addition to future banishment from this site.

And the robot from Lost in Space will come after you and smack you upside the head with those long arms of his, like he did with Dr. Smith every week.



Terence Henderson

Chairman of The T Dog Blog, Inc.