A message from yours truly

To: Our Readers

Over the last fourteen months, I have had the pleasure of writing about TV and radio to you, and we’ve had some fun along the way.

But let me tell you something. When people – notably those who hate the media business (radio and TV) and say I’m wasting my time writing this blog, I say to you:

Get a life. If you don’t like TV, or any other faucet of the media business – then get to stepping. I don’t want you here. This site is not for you.

I target this blog for media professionals. I noticed how hard it is to find anything related to Chicago media on the web, other than a handful of message boards. That’s why I started this blog. It gives me a chance to write about media in Chicago and in other cities, and also dispense my knowledge about the subject.

But every once in awhile, we get people on here who don’t have a clue or care about this business, or think I’m overrated. Look, if you want my cred, read the sidebar.

If you like what I have to say, fine. If you disagree with me on a particular subject, that’s also fine. I respect your opinion. But don’t tell me I’m wasting my time writing a blog about a subject I enjoy writing about and has followed for a long time. I’m a media geek, and I am happy to admit that. Remember, this is a tongue-in-cheek look at the media business, in a satirical way. But I write about serious issues in the business as well.

Blogs do serve some purpose, particularly on issues the mainstream media ignores, like Jena 6 and the battle over royalty rates for internet radio. The people who don’t believe in them are usually part of the establishment – you know who I’m talking about. The political hacks who have nothing else better to do other than to tell other people what to do. They are complete losers.

What do you want to me to write about? A stupid political blog? We all know politicians suck, especially in these parts. Another blog about how much Chicago sports suck? Do you really care what I think who should be the Bears’ starting quarterback? Why write about something that’s out there already? I tried writing about sports on The Sporting News site, and it didn’t exactly work out.

I enjoy writing about television and radio, especially the history of it in Chicago and other places, like Detroit and Milwaukee. It fascinates me. I even wrote a play about a Detroit radio station (that I wisely abandoned.)

If you like the blog, thank you, and I appreciate you visiting the site. If you don’t, then with all due respect, you can go somewhere else for your Chicago media news (good luck finding it.) You have no obligation to be here. Remember, I don’t make a dime off this site. I chose to keep this site ad-free. I write this blog because I am a media fanboy and enjoy writing about it, and it’s fun. But when it’s stops being fun and becomes an endless chore – and it’s becoming dangerously close to that plateau, thanks to covering the recent writer’s strike – then yours truly will hang up the pen and find something else to do.

I don’t and won’t apologize for anything here, unless an error is made, in which it will be corrected. I tell like it is, and if it is too hot for you here, then leave. I’ll still speak out on many media issues, but I ‘ll keep the negativity to a minimum, and won’t respond to the haters – and at the same time, return to the original vision I had in mind when I launched this blog on September 18, 2006 – to make this a fun place again, and be the wackiest and zaniest media blog in all of Chicago – while informing people at the same time. Thank you.


Terence Henderson

Chairman of The T Dog Blog, Inc.

P.S. I have disabled comments on this item, as the message speaks for itself.