63 percent of public back striking writers

In a poll conducted by Pepperdine University, 63 percent of the public are backing the writers in their dispute with the studios, who had only 4 percent. 33 percent of the people surveyed in the poll were unsure.

In other strike news:

– NBC has pulled out of the upcoming Television Critics Association tour in January because of the strike (and to save some bucks.)

– In lieu of new episodes of your favorite scripted shows, what do you get? Newsmagazines!

– If you watch the end of Two and a Half Men, you’ll notice a vanity card for Chuck Lorre Productions before the Warner Bros. logo, which has a bunch of information to read. At the end of a recent episode, he had just three words from Episode 195: “United We Stand.” To read it (and the rest of the vanity cards from other episodes of Two and a Half Men and his other series, Dharma & Greg without the use of Tivo), click here.

– Bill Koenigsberg, who is president and CEO of Horizon Media, is interviewed by Media Life, and he talks about comparisons of this writer’s strike and the last one in 1988, and how this strike will hurt the media business even more, given today’s vast choices in video programming.