The possible WCKG format flip – team coverage (with film at 10!), Part II

WCKG holds Chicago hostage: Day 11

Phil Rosenthal is reporting in tomorrow’s edition of the Chicago Tribune that WCKG and CBS Radio officials have confirmation of Steve Dahl moving to WJMK (Jack FM) beginning on November 5.

Rumors have surfaced over the last few weeks over the fate of WCKG and the following moves pretty much confirms that there will be a format flip very soon:

– Steve Dahl moving to WJMK.

– The Chicago Bulls moving their games back to WMVP.

– An informerical hosted by a financial adviser on the station said it was his “second-to-last show on WCKG.”

WCKG registering domain names such as and, based on former rock stations WMET and WWBZ (The Blaze).

– In the Rosenthal article, mentions of possibly flipping WCKG to a Movin’-type format like Fresh FM (upbeat music targeted to women 25-54), or a Spanish-language format.

So which format will it be? Spanish-language? Or Fresh? Or something else? For all these answers and more, tune in next time for As the WCKG Turns!

Keep it here for complete “team” coverage of this breaking, important, life-shaking news story! We now return you to Saturday Night Live already in progress.