Steve Dahl to Jack FM?

The Sun-Times Robert Feder is reporting (and this is a tidbit that will make message boards explode over the weekend) that Steve Dahl, who hosts his successful afternoon show on WCKG-FM, is expected to land as morning jock at sister station WJMK-FM, or Jack FM. This comes as an impending format change will likely hit WCKG in the next two weeks or so.

WCKG and WJMK are both owned by CBS Radio. Dahl isn’t commenting, and neither is CBS.

If the deal happens, Dahl would be the only jock at Jack. Though most Jack stations do not use on-air personalities, a few of them – in Kansas City, San Diego, and all of the Canadian Jack stations – do use jocks.

Dahl has a clause in his contract that states that he approve any daypart or station change. Sources say that he has indeed given his blessing.

Dahl’s program on WCKG is an island. His afternoon show finished second in men 25-54, but overall, the station is a disaster, particularly since Howard Stern left terrestrial radio.

– Also in that article, former news reporter Amy Jacobson and former WKQX morning personality Mancow Mueller taped a pilot for the Fox News Channel in Chicago earlier this week. It’s called Has-Beens & Co. (not the real title, but it should be.)

I don’t know about this project. Fox News would never create programs around personalities nobody likes. Wait a minute…

Editor’s Note: Updated at 12:53 am on 2007-10-27 to correct Jack FM information. I make sure that I am accurate on this blog, but on rare occasions, wrong information does slip through. If you spot any incorrect item here, let me know by posting a comment and I’ll correct it. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! – T.H.

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