Bonaduce not returning to the Loop

Instead, he is expected to renew his deal to continue on Adam Carolla’s morning show on KLSX-FM in Los Angeles, which leaves the Loop (WLUP-FM, 97.9 FM) still without an afternoon personality. The drive-home position has been vacant since Zakk Tyler left. Loop owner Emmis Communications contends that the former Partridge Family star’s antics (i.e. the brawl he was involved […]

LatinNation, American Latino TV get new Chicago home

The Hispanic-targeted weekly syndicated magazines Latination and American Latino TV, which were tolling away in late-night time slots on WCIU-TV and WBBM-TV respectively, moves to WPWR-TV this Saturday where both will air in a hour-long block from 5 to 6 p.m. Both programs are syndicated by Aim Tell-A-Vision group. (Click on the comments section of this post for more information […]

Britney joke backfires

Desperate star meets desperate medium… Clear Channel owned WKQI-FM in Detroit DJ Big Boy started a “Britney suicide watch” and was taking calls on from listeners on when Britney will kick the bucket. The only question now is, when Big Boy’s employment at WKQI will kick the bucket… Mojo, the station’s morning DJ, ripped the stunt on the air this […]

Adrienne the nut at it again

This time, the former Top Model star gored former Partridge Family and Loop star Danny Bonaduce into a fight with former Survivor contestant Johnny Fairplay (or Dalton, or whatever) at the Reality TV Awards (and I thought this stuff only happened at the hip-hop awards…) Note the word “former” in this post. It’s used a lot. Maybe Ms. Curry should […]

"Cavemen" gets sampled amptly

Cavemen and Carpooling had solid sampling last night, with Cavemen tying for #1 at 7 p.m. (CT) in adults 18-49 and winning the slot in adults 18-34. Given the fact Britney Spears’ Gimme More is number one on iTunes, it’s official – the dumbing down of America is complete.

CW out of kids’ business

The CW is discontinuing Kids’ WB and handing over the time over to 4KidsTV. The futures of many Kids WB shows (Tom & Jerry Tales, Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue, etc.) are up in the air.

"Family Guy" new off-net champ

Victory is mine! Family Guy has surged ahead of Everybody Loves Raymond to become the top-rated off-network sitcom in syndication for the week ending Sept. 23. Twentieth’s Family Guy surged 20 percent in the ratings to nab a 4.2, while CBS’ Raymond fell 3 percent to a 3.7. Warner Bros.’ Two and a Half Men finished with a 3.3, ahead […]

They are who we thought they were!

Aliens in America is exactly who we thought they were – a ratings loser. Meanwhile, Dancing With the Stars seems to be the only show deservingly labeled a winner (in the ratings dept. only), while it’s yucksville for the rest of prime-time with the exception of the Padres-Rockies tiebreaker game, a true classic. Other observations: – Heroes is down in […]

Carpooling Cavemen

Only two premieres tonight, Cavemen and Carpooling, and they are the pick to definitely skip. These shows suck so bad… If you might have not noticed, these two shows have no laugh track. That’s probably because there are no laughs in either. You can put this crap on the board, no! Plus, Cavemen is set in San Diego. Hasn’t the […]

WCKG next in line for format switch?

After a number of format flips of CBS FM Talk stations around the country, it looks like low-rated WCKG-FM could be next. An long-overdue makeover is reportedly in the works. The only question is what to do with Steve Dahl, who has a long-term contract with the station. Gentlemen, start your speculation engines.

Cubs fans not happy with playoffs on TBS

And the fact that games one and two are on at 9 p.m, Game 4 on Sunday at noon, etc. (just be grateful your team made the playoffs, okay?) This article from the Trib is about TBS getting the divisional series and the NLCS on an exclusive basis (no over-the-air broadcasts) per the new deal. Chicago (city proper, excluding the […]

Fraud FM is dead

Free FM is almost officially done with the next-to-last Fraud FM station, WKRK-FM in Detroit flipping to sports and simulcasting WXYT-AM. This means that the Opie and Anthony Morning Show is gone from that station, too. Meanwhile, CBS’ Pittsburgh FM Talk outlet is toast as well. The last Free FM station remaining is KLSX-FM, Los Angeles.

"Aliens in America" – best sitcom ever?

“You want to crown them, then crown their ass!” – Dennis Green Can the CW finally get on the map with this show? It may be another program in which the critics love but the audience won’t watch (i.e. Party of Five, I’ll Fly Away, Arrested Development). Though yours truly dismissed this premise last spring, yours truly feels the pain […]