Leave The CW Alone!!!

WARNING: Satire ahead. Reader discretion is advised.

The latest YouTube sensation…

A guy named Burley (who, for some unknown reason is wearing makeup) is crying on his bed…

“My name is Burley… To all you dummies out there… (snif) Leave The CW alone!!!! Please!!! They have the greatest shows in the world like Smallville and Beauty and the Geek! And there’s the best new show in the world called Gossip Girl!!! It’s the best show ever! And there’s Aliens in America… that show is funny! It’s better than Seinfeld! (snif)”

And Life Is Wild is a good family drama! Why you all waste your time on that Simpsons crap! That show has been on since, what? 1968?… The Game is funnier than that show!!!!

“I’m the world’s greatest CW fan! You all want to bash and bash the CW! You all over the age of 25 want to bash our generation’s programming! Nobody over 30 watches the CW! Anyone over 30 sucks! You media writers from TV Week, Mediaweek, and Advertising Age! Plus that idiot named T Dog who keeps bashing The Game on the PI Feedback forum… LEAVE THE CW ALONE!!!! (snif) You all make me sick!!!!”

“I’m a 19-year old girl – um, I mean guy – that’s right, gay – I mean guy! Straight guy! I love this stuff! Don’t take it away from me like you did The WB! If you do, I’ll never forgive you! Wahhhh!” Leave the CW alone! Right now!!! Wahhhh!!!

All right, the satirical rant above is not as stupid as that guy who made the “Leave Britney Alone” video, but some media people are stepping up for the ratings-challenged CW, including station groups and media buyers who say, “What better place to reach young women?” (besides ABC, that is.)

Of note in the TV Week story I linked (click on station groups), some of the comments are from people who are over 30 and watch CW programming, like Supernatural.

And now, who wants to smack this Burley guy upside the head? I want first crack at him…