It’s AC for CKG

Robert Feder is reporting that WCKG is expected to flip to an Adult Contemporary format, which could occur anytime between 7 p.m. Friday and 5 a.m. Monday. The format would target women 25-54, and would put it in direct competition with WLIT-FM.

WLIT is expected to flip to Christmas music sometime in the next few weeks. Last year, WLIT flipped to the Jingle Bells format on November 2.

Other formats that were considered for WCKG included Spanish and Active Rock.

Aside from Steve Dahl, who is moving to WJMK-FM as that station’s new morning personality, the entire on-air staff was let go, as well as the syndicated Opie & Anthony show. WCKG is playing classic clips around-the-clock of Dahl until he signs off WCKG for good Friday night.

The Chicago Bulls, who were on WCKG this past season, returned to WMVP-AM (ESPN 1000) with a five-year contract. The Bulls returned to WMVP mainly because of the pending format flip at WCKG, and it allowed the Bulls to opt out of their contract. WMVP won’t have to pay any money to WCKG since the Bulls are buying the time on the station.

Video of Steve Dahl’s announcement (really tongue-in-cheek and funny)