"Gossip Girl" picked up for full season

And the funny thing about it, Variety labeled this show a hit. Are these people dumb or just plain stupid? (Let’s not call it a hit just yet… while the numbers are solid, they are still disappointing.)


2 thoughts on “"Gossip Girl" picked up for full season

    • I agree the show is not so great… but my husband got work on it as B camera operator so I’m glad it got picked up. Bad or not, its a paycheck!

    • Actually, what I was referring to was the ratings performance, not the quality of the show. “Gossip Girl” was one of my Picks to Click, and seems the DVR recordings and the iTunes downloads saved its behind.

      Congrats on your husband staying on as a B camera operator on the show. You got to tell me how to land one of those positions… ;-)

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