Cubs fans not happy with playoffs on TBS

And the fact that games one and two are on at 9 p.m, Game 4 on Sunday at noon, etc. (just be grateful your team made the playoffs, okay?) This article from the Trib is about TBS getting the divisional series and the NLCS on an exclusive basis (no over-the-air broadcasts) per the new deal.

Chicago (city proper, excluding the ‘burbs) has the lowest cable penetration rate in the country, but remember that cable TV came late to Chicago (1987 in fact), and you can thank the Chicago City Council (particularly those 29 aldermen) for holding the cable TV contracts hostage during the Council Wars era.

Interesting that yours truly didn’t remember anybody complaining when most Bulls playoff games were only available on cable TV, even during the Michael Jordan era. Don’t you just love selective outrage?