Cubs a ratings flop?

The only reason yours truly is quoting this article is because the numbers are here. Otherwise, I would not recommend it because Sherman failed to note that DVR usage is at an all-time high, as less and less people are watching TV live and time-shifting their programming, and that includes the Cubs. With the late start for the two games, it makes sense. Sherman and the Trib fail to point that out, as usual (forgive them, they are part of the mainstream media.)

Anyway, Game 1 of the Cubs-Diamondbacks NLDS series on TBS had a 18.1 rating and Game 2 had a 13.9 rating, both easily winning their timeslots in the Chicago market. Even at midnight early Friday morning, the 9 rating the game had still won the time period. It seems the only flop the Cubs are accused of is on the field.