Britney joke backfires

Desperate star meets desperate medium… Clear Channel owned WKQI-FM in Detroit DJ Big Boy started a “Britney suicide watch” and was taking calls on from listeners on when Britney will kick the bucket. The only question now is, when Big Boy’s employment at WKQI will kick the bucket…

Mojo, the station’s morning DJ, ripped the stunt on the air this morning, ripped Clear Channel Detroit executives on the stunt, possibly putting his own job on the line. Another host, Spike, also ripped the stunt. He is hosting a walk this weekend for suicide prevention in the Detroit area.

Another low point for the medium. Obviously, execs haven’t learned from the last time a stunt went wrong.

After all, it’s radio!

(I wonder how many more times I will use that closing line at the end of a radio item on this blog. A lot, I suppose…)