Peachtree TV’s new schedule

As noted before, WPCH, or Peachtree TV will premiere on Oct. 1. in Atlanta, replacing WTBS. To see the new schedule, click here (note that the schedule may change.)

WPCH will take over WTBS’ dial position over-the-air channel 17 and cable channel 7, while the national feed of TBS will become available for the first time in the Atlanta area on channel 39 on most cable systems, channel 247 on DirectTV, and channel 139 on Dish Network.

Peachtree will also air 45 Atlanta Braves games, beginning in April 2008.

Notable moves:

What’s in: Temptation, Family Guy, Fraiser, 24, Mad About You, Nanny, Montel (in 2008), infomericals in late-night hours

What’s back (from the old TBS days): America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, All in the Family

What’s out: Everybody Loves Raymond, Dawson’s Creek, Yes Dear, Saved by the Bell

The lowdown: You have Family Guy double-run in access (7-8p), King of Queens on in early fringe (5-6), and Fraiser scattered around several late night time slots on various days (what’s up with that?) Popular repeats of Friends and Seinfeld are being run from 6-7 p.m. The station will air movies in prime-time and a lot of them on weekends.

The big surprise: WPCH didn’t secure local rights to Everybody Loves Raymond; the show is now broadcast TV exclusive to WATL, at least for now.

What’s yours truly would like to see: While this isn’t a bad schedule, I think WPCH should add TV classics The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy and/or The Lucy Show, and Perry Mason. These shows were a part of old-school WTBS and all still get solid ratings in syndication.

There’s no word on the fate of the station’s Saturday morning children’s E/I and public affairs programming.