No broadcast TV for Cubs playoff games – unless they go to the World Series

The Daily Southtown lays into Major League Baseball, calling the new deal that puts most playoff games on cable TV isn’t friendly to fans, particularly to those of the Chicago Cubs, whose team may make the postseason, and fans without cable or satellite are out of luck.

When ESPN had the rights to the divisional series in the past, they let local stations in the markets playing in the games to simulcast this feed, but that won’t happen this time as new rightsholder TBS has exclusive rights (Fox still has rights to one of the championship series and the World Series.)

While the Daily Southown’s stance is dated (circa 1986), they do have a point. But don’t forget that Fox dumped part of the postseason so they can run their regular programming (and to please ad buyers.) And ratings for playoff baseball have fallen over the last several years, making that attraction much more lucrative. I guess the Southtown forgot to point that out…

If there is any consolation, The NBA and NHL have the majority of their playoff games on cable, and the ratings have stunk.