How to make it on a 1.0

How do you make money on a syndicated show that averages a 1.0 rating? Find new revenue streams, an interactive element (like home shopping), and a tried-and true format (like game shows and courtroom shows.)

The 1.0 rating cutoff for syndicated fare is quite low – in 2002, Pyramid was dropped with a 1.9. The bar was even higher way back in 1986, when the nighttime version of The Price is Right (with Tom Kennedy) went off the air with a 6.0 rating.

This comes as open time slots are harder to come by, thanks to the hold established shows have in the marketplace, not to mention the continuing expansion of local news in many markets (despite reports that some stations are giving up on 5 p.m. newscasts – they are just switching them to 7 p.m. – an ouch for syndicators.)