A letter to Jay Mariotti

Usually yours truly doesn’t devote a space here to attack someone (yeah, right), but I have to give attention to Jay Mariotti’s latest column from the Daily Onion regarding the death of Chicago Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz…

From: T Dog

To: Jay Mariotti, Chicago Sun-Times

Dear Moron:

Who do YOU THINK YOU ARE when you tell us how to behave? Sure, people are cruel, and yes, unfortunately people are going to say nasty things on talk radio about someone’s death. But I can’t control their emotions, and neither can you. All of this means that for the first time in decades, Hawks fans actually have some hope after seeing Wirtz drive this franchise into the ground for the last forty years. Yes, the comments are cruel, but there is nothing you can do about it.

And now you have the nerve telling us how to behave, particularly after you have made a living being rude, crude, and outright distasteful?

And when was the last time you wrote anything about the Blackhawks anyway? When it’s convenient for you? You paint Jerry Reinsdorf as the city’s worst sports owner, but yet he has seven championships and we get to see Bulls and White Sox games on home TV, while you have barely mentioned Wirtz or the Blackawks and their struggles over the past two years.

Maybe you should have attended last week’s FCC hearing here in Chicago and see why the public in general is fed up with big media. You, and well as all of Chicago’s major media outlets and their cronies, regularly do a disservice to our city with your crap.

You, Skip Bayless, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Steve Harvey… it doesn’t matter. As long as big media gives them a platform to say THEY are right and WE are wrong. WE the public, who reluctantly pay your salaries.

You represent big media to a lot of Chicagoans, and people don’t like being told how to do this, or how to do that. Big media is the “parent” and we are their “children”. It doesn’t work like that. Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy was right when he said on Saturday that newspapers were garbage.

You are producing nothing but a propaganda machine with your “column” and your “blog”. You and your paper are an embarrassment to Chicago. I’m certain when you drop dead, there will be far more negative comments about you after you die than for Mr. Wirtz (believe it or not.) I, and a lot of other Chicago sports fans, can’t wait for that day.

T Dog


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