Cable says no to Big Ten, NFL networks

It looks like the nation’s cable channels are getting fed up with sports leagues taking them for a ride – Comcast and Time Warner – two of the nation’s largest cable companies – are taking a stand.

Comcast has pushed the NFL Network into a pay-tier with other sports channels -like CSTV and NBA TV for example, while Time Warner isn’t carrying the football network at all.

Meanwhile, the Big Ten Network does not have any deals with any major cable operators, and has only a deal with Direct TV and a few small cable operators, like Buckeye Cablesystem in the Toledo area.

The real culprit is money of course – The NFL and Big Ten want the cable operators to pay more to them – in which the cable operators would have no choice to pass that cost to subscribers.

As for the Big Ten Network (BTN), the network is holding hope that a deal can be reached on August 30, when the network launches.

(Minor rant: Ed Sherman of the Trib singles Comcast out but not the area’s other cable operators, or Dish Network, who aren’t carrying BTN either. Why are you just singling out Comcast, Sherman? They made fun of your mama, or something?)