Try, try again

The fights continues between the city’s media outlets and community activist groups.

Chicago Media Action has asked the FCC to reconsider its decision to turn down license renewal challenges at several Chicago and Milwaukee television stations (fifth item.)

This comes after a new study by a University of Wisconsin study citing the lack of coverage of local governmental elections in late 2006 and early 2007.

In other words, there was not enough coverage of mayoral elections in Harvey.

Here is a copy of the petition reconsideration proposal (in PDF form.)

Quick thought: Can anyone out there tell me who got elected mayor of Hammond? Dyer? Anybody? These guys may have a point after all, especially when it comes to under served Northwest Indiana. But this new petition has about much a chance of succeeding as The Bill Engvall Show. The best solution? Turn off local news and head for the internet, like so many under 40 have done. But the CMA is too smart to point that out, right?

And what about stations who can’t afford to do news, like WCIU and WCPX? The CMA is sounding more and more like Sound Exchange and the RIAA, who think they can bully small webcaters to pay their outrageous royalty fees.

The CMA thinks it’s better to whimp and whine to some bloated government agency in order to change things. All they do is hide behind their website and send press releases to Feder. At the end of the day, areas like Hammond, Dyer, Chicago Heights, and Harvey will be still underserved by local media. These CMA guys are really no better than the Parents Television Council. They are just another stupid special interest group who hates television.