Today was CBS’ turn at the press tour. And there is a lot to cover:

– CBS President Nina Tassler declined to answer questions about Mandy Patinkin’s departure from the hit crime drama Criminal Minds, which can be attributed to “creative differences”. Patinkin left former CBS show Chicago Hope after one season only to return much later.

-Tassler also admitted that thereason for the low ratings for Jericho was due to the long hiatus it endured during midseason, causing the show’s ratings to crash when the show returned. As you know by now, angry fans of the show sent CBS executives packages of nuts to protest the network’s decision to cancel the show. CBS reconsidered, and is bringing it back for seven episodes in midseason.

– Critics also had questions about the new reality series Kid Nation, where kids rebuild a deserted New Mexico town and run it all by themselves, including whether or not child labor laws were violated.

– The network also confirmed that Drew Carey is one of the finalists to host The Price Is Right (Oh God, no.)