More NBC from the press tour

More nuggets from the NBC portion of the press tour:

– NBC has signed disposed Grey’s Anatomy star Isiah Washington to appear in five episodes of The Bionic Woman, which debuts this fall.

– Jerry Seinfeld will appear on the season premiere of 30 Rock, while Alec Baldwin will stay with the show. Last spring, he wanted out of the freshman sitcom.

– The fading Apprentice is returning next season after all with a celebrity edition, with the winner donating his/her winnings to charity. No surprise here, as NBC keeps renewing shows that nobody watches anymore (Miss USA, Miss Universe, the NHL… Is there a reason why these guys are still in fourth place and will be in sixth next season?)

– NBC wants to remake American Gladiators, a syndicated program that ran from 1989 to 1995. (Why doesn’t NBC revive Rollergames while they’re at it?)

– NBC has inked a programming deal with Alltel, which their customers getting 11 video-on-demand channels, mobile Web sites, ringtones, and wallpapers.

-Homer Simpson is “appearing” on The Tonight Show on July 24, during Jay Leno’s monologue. It will be only appearance to push The Simpsons Movie.