More from the CW at TCA

(One more item before we’re out of here for the weekend)

More from the CW:

– The winner of that Pussycat Dolls contest show last spring (Asia Nitollano) has turned down the offer to join the group and has decided to launch a solo career. As Nelson Muntz would say, “Ha, Ha!”

– TV critics lambasted the Gossip Girl pilot, which contained underage drinking and attempted date-rape. Wow, talk about a start!

– CW chief Dawn Ostroff says that the CW (and UPN before that) has given Veronica Mars every opportunity to succeed possible. So why was it up against American Idol a few times last season?

– As expected, America’s Next Top Model moves back to its rightful place in New York City this fall, in conjunction with host Tyra Banks’ talk show move to the Big Apple. Hopefully, this will rejigger some creative juice to the show, which it has lagged since it left NYC after the first edition. Top Model has also been renewed through 2010.