Fox at TCA

It’s Fox’s turn at the mic at TCA press tour. Among the nuggets:

– The first of Fox’s new fall lineup to roll out will be on August 30 with the season premiere of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? with Cops and America’s Most Wanted following on Sept. 8 and Kitchen Nightmares on Sept. 13.

– Fox has renewed the show everyone over 40 and loves rock music seems to hate, So You Think You Can Dance and also Hell’s Kitchen, for next summer. Why not put these on as midseason replacements?

-Tony Award winner Cherry Jones joins the cast of 24 next season, so she too can get bashed by critics.

MADtv hits episode 300 this season on November 17 with new cast members Johnny Sanchez III, Dan Osten, and Anjelah Johnson. MADtv debuted all the way back during the Golden Era of Television, 1995.

Cops, the show that practically invented reality TV, will celebrate its 700th episode and its 20th anniversary this season. The program’s syndicated repeats air on every basic cable channel in the world.

– A new show from the producer of Cops, aptly called Jail, follows prisoners from their arrest to their booking to their first moments in the slammer. It premieres Sept. 4. on MyNetworkTV.

– Guest voices lined up on The Simpsons next season: Jon Stewart, Jack Black, Lionel Richie, Stephen Colbert, Matt Dillon, Kelsey Grammer (in the role of Sideshow Bob), David Hyde Pierce, John Mahoney and Beverly D’Angelo (likely in the role of Lureen Lumpkin. Remember her? I think she was a hip-hop artist or something….)