Stupid is as stupid does

CBS-owned WBBM-TV 5 p.m. newscast’s lead story today and on the front page of their websiteat the same time:

On a day when there were several anti-violence marches all across the city, a bunch of brawlers take center stage at Wrigley.

No wonder these guys are in last place in the ratings.

Great month for journalism, huh? People dying in Iraq, children dying on the streets of Chicago, and all that passes for news these days are the two tabloid disasters many people can’t stand – Paris Hilton and the Cubs. (I’d throw in the White Sox and Blackhawks too, but they haven’t received nearly as much coverage.)

What’s next? The local stations sending a reporter to WWE headquarters in Stamford, Conn. to cover Mr. McMahon’s “funeral”?

Where’s Walter Cronkite and Bill Kurtis when you need them?

updated on 2007-06-17 at 23:34