Regis & Kelly relocates

It’s back to the future for Regis Philbin – Regis and his main TV squeeze Kelly Ripa, will be hosting their TV chatfest from the modified set of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on an indefinite basis while repairs are being done to the set due to the fire that struck WABC-TV’s news set in New York Sunday Night. (Regis Philbin hosted the ABC game show from 1999-2002 – it’s now in syndication and is hosted by Meredith Vierra.)

Live With Regis & Kelly tapes next door to the news set, and sustained some water and smoke damage. Kelly Ripa’s office and her wardrobe also suffered the same fate. (Mr. Philbin’s office is on another floor and suffered no damage.)

Millionaire has finished taping for the season, and will resume later this summer. Meanwhile, WABC is broadcasting their news from the station’s newsroom for the time being.

Both Live and Millionaire are syndicated by Disney/ABC Domestic Television (formerly Buena Vista Television.) Both shows air on Disney/ABC-owned WABC-TV in New York (as well as WGN-TV here in Chicago.)