Opie & Anthony supeneded by XM

The TV Upfronts are hardly generating any interest, and once again, the TV industry is being upstaged by a dying medium whose “stars” mouth off at the wrong place at the wrong time! Guess the TV business isn’t the hottest place to be right now. You think it’s time for Janet to flash another breast? [Fred Flintstone voice:] Oh boy…

(When I referred to “dying medium”, I referred to terrestrial radio, mistakenly in the sense of Opie & Anthony, since they have three hours on CBS Radio, but now the definition may be more fitted to satellite radio and television as well….)

The Opie & Anthony show has been suspended for 30 days by XM Radio after jokes made by a character named “Homeless Charlie” about Condi Rice, Laura Bush, and Queen Elizabeth, led to outrage by people (mainly almost everybody) who don’t listen to the show….

The skit aired primarily on a pay channel on XM, called an XL channel (means an channel with explicit language and situations.)

Meanwhile, CBS Radio, which airs three hours of a sanitized version of O&A, hasn’t decided yet on a temporary replacement. Just a few days ago, the company fired JV & Elvis from one of its’ New York stations after airing a skit that offended many Asians.