My Name Is Earl

Earl Cole became the first African-American male and the second African-American overall (Vecepia Towery in Survivor: Marquesas was the first) to win the million dollar prize on the Fiji edition of Survivor last night, beating out two other African-American contestants – Cassandra and Andria “Dreamz” Heard.

It seemed a few members of the jury didn’t want to give any of the final three the million – particularly Dreamz. But in the end, it was Earl – an ad executive originally from Kansas City, Kansas who now resides in California -who came out on top with a 9-0-0 shutout – a first in Survivor history. Plus, his name did not show up on the parchment once when it came time to vote someone out.

It’s also the second time someone from the Kansas City area to win the million on Survivor. Danni Boatwright on Survivor: Guatemala won on December 11, 2005. (KC has had more Survivor winners than the Royals’ World Series Championships. Oh!)

As for all of those who complained about Survivor dividing the tribes by race last fall: I wonder where are they now….

While it was a happy night for Earl, it wasn’t for CBS: Last night’s Survivor:Fiji finale was the lowest-rated ever.

Now it’s off to China for Survivor’s next installment.

Isn’t it ironic?: Earl Cole competed on Survivor this past spring, while the reality show was up against another Earl on another network: My Name Is Earl, which airs at the same Thursday Night 7 p.m. time slot on NBC. On that show, A character named Earl (Jason Lee) wins $100,000 from a lottery ticket, loses it when he gets hit by a car, and it comes back to him after he does good deeds on his “list”.

Let’s pray that Mr. Cole doesn’t get hit by a car.