Bachelor’s is a hit again…. Aw, hell naw!

Last night’s finale of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentlemean finished No. 1 in the ratings last night (in its time period) with 13 million viewers and beat the much-hyped 24 and Heroes
season finales.

Well, here we go….

-Who’s watching this crap? Cubs fans? They’re used to watching mediocrity….

-Given this nation’s obsession with Anna, Paris, and Britney, nobody’s surprised.

The Bachelor’s success proves we’re a nation of idiots. After all, look who we put in the White House….

-This was the hottest topic on Chicago radio today. Dumb, meet dumber….

-Then again, it wasn’t as bad as the fake Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell wrestling match on WWE Raw back in February….

-It wasn’t mentioned on Entertainment Tonight…. they’re too busy covering CBS shows.

-The next edition of The Bachelor will feature 25 women who are pursuing Kevin Federline. (It’s not true, but knowing the people who run the TV business – it’s bound to happen.)