Baseball’s hot; NBA, NHL playoffs not

The ratings for Major League Baseball games are up 20 percent on regional cable networks, according to Nielsen, and advertisers are clearly benefiting from the strong start. Some of them, like Fox’s Detroit and Houston’s regional sports networks, are averaging better ratings than the local CW and MyNetworkTV affiliates in prime time. Meanwhile, Fox’s Saturday Game of the Week (which started early this year) has outdrawn both the NBA and NHL playoffs in the last week.

Baseball ratings have even outdrawn the Bulls-Heat playoff series. While the Bulls are back in the playoffs, the audience, nationally at least, are not.

Chicago ratings for the Cubs, White Sox and Bulls were not available. Perhaps because some of our local media writers don’t find covering local television interesting anymore but instead, they somehow manage to churn out junk like this. Honestly, does anyone remotely care what Mike North’s ratings are for his morning show these days?