No, we did not all turn gay

The T Dog Media Blog After Dark (That means that we can swear!)

In this MediaLife article, Toni Fitzgerald reports that the new CW series The Pussycat Dolls Present : The Search For The Next Doll, the reality program actually attracts more female viewers than male ones. She says that it is basically a no-brainer: “The internet offers all the eye candy they could ever want.”

While that is true, The T Dog Media Blog After Dark offers some more reasons why guys aren’t tuning in to the Pussycat Dolls: (If you want to see why young women are tuning in, click on the link above. She can explain it better than we can….)

  • We don’t watch the CW, except on Friday night when Smackdown is on. (Disclaimer: This blog does not endorse watching WWE fare because the league is being run into the ground by Bill Wirtz Jr. [aka the one they call “Vince”.])
  • We don’t listen to top 40 radio anymore. In fact, we don’t listen to the radio at all anymore. Can anybody tell us when was the last time any male called in to the Eddie & JoBo show? Can anybody tell us when was the last time anyone listened to the Eddie & JoBo show?
  • We don’t watch beauty pageants anymore. Maybe somebody should tell the 75 year-olds who run the Miss America Pageant to make it more exciting to us guys. Or women for that matter. (They should not have taken NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s advice on what cable network to put it on. Worked well for him with the NHL, didn’t it?)
  • Actually, we like to look at the Pussycat Dolls. Listening to them sing or talk is another matter.
  • We love to look at ladies on the Internet, because they don’t open their mouths, and want to bore us about what happened on Gilmore Girls.
  • We don’t watch reality TV shows. We smell shit that’s phony a mile away. (However, it doesn’t explain why wrestling appeals to us – particularly the league run by Bill Wirtz Jr.)
  • We don’t go to Blackhawks games anymore because the players and management suck d- wait, that’s the topic for the “Why NHL hockey in Chicago died” blog entry.

Or is it that guys’ taste in entertainment is finally improving? Nah. We’re just more selective.