Nine FM: No more free music

In a rather decidedly tongue-in-cheek press release, Nine-FM, the suburban-based triplecast that has a variety hits format, proclaims that the station is no longer giving away free CDs and encouraging listeners to send any CDs they won back to the station in exchange for a Nine FM T-shirt. Where are the returned CDs going? Back to the RIAA and Sound Exchange, who want more money from internet radio streamers – so much money, that it may put many streamers – especially smaller ones – out of business. So, if Nine FM wants to continue streaming online – why should they pay money to the RIAA to buy CDs to give away to their listeners? After all, isn’t the point of these giveaways is to build goodwill among their listeners? The RIAA, which wants to promote artists on radio, now won’t be able to through Nine-FM because it’s no longer affordable to the radio station…

In other words: Great move by Nine-FM.

To read the press release, click here and click on the link titled “Press Release: Nine-FM To Stop Giving Away Music.”