Tribune Watch: No word on sale of Tribune Co.

The bids are due today for the Tribune Co., but there is still no word on who will end up with the media conglomerate – Chicago billionaire Sam Zell, who’s offering $33 a share, or the two L.A. billionaires, who’s offering $34 a share. There is a chance that the deadline could be extended, and at this late hour, it […]

More BS from the FCC and the NAB

The FCC has determined that the iPod is not a competitor to satellite radio, a possible blow to the hopes of XM and Sirius merging. Who’s celebrating this? The National Association of Broadcasters, of course. That’s the group (along with the RIAA) that doesn’t want you to have a choice of what platform you want to listen to your music. […]

No more road for Fox Sports pregame show

No, we are no longer on the clock… but the football items roll on… Because of cost concerns, Fox sports has decided to keep its pregame show in L.A. this fall and WNYW-TV New York sports guy Curt Menafee will be the ringmaster of a circus that includes Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, and Jimmy Johnson. Could this mean the return […]

And finally… the NFL is now on the clock

And we end our “on the clock” posting with a story about… The NFL (what irony!) The NFL has wisely lifted its ban on local TV sideline coverage. The new loosened rules means that up to 10 video crews can be used at the games, five for each competing team. Stations will be able to participate in pool coverage. What […]

The Tribune Co. is now on the clock…

But it looks like that self-imposed deadline by Tribune for bids on the company maybe extended, thanks to an 11th-hour bid by Los Angeles billionaires Eli Broad and Ronald Burke, a $34-a-share offer to Chicago billionaire Sam Zell’s $33-a-share offer. Reportedly, the loser will have his head shaved in the ring at Wrestlemania.

Canadian Broadcasters are on the clock

Private Canadian broadcasters (CTV, Global) are drawing more viewers for American fare like American Idol, but it is costing more, and it’s hitting them in the pocketbook. Not surprisingly, Canadian broadcasting advocacy groups aren’t happy with the continuing influx of American shows.

KRON is now on the clock

Young broadcasting says it is considering selling its San Francisco station KRON-TV which went from a dominant NBC affiliate (under former owner Chronicle Broadcasting) to a lackluster MyNetworkTV outlet.

Shelly…. you’re now on the clock

(Okay… This “on the clock” shtick is getting a bit much…) Shelly, the entertainment reporter from B-96 (WBBM-FM). I did not know she looked like Ricki Lake… I pictured her more of a blonde…. (This was taken from Chicagoland Radio and Media’s site – one of our media friends)

Miss America’s now on the clock….

And like The Great American Dream Vote – get clocked out. CMT has dumped the once popular pageant after two years. This comes after NBC picked up the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants for three more years, despite the fact that nobody watches them. (They did the same thing with the NHL on Tuesday. So why can’t CMT follow […]

Blackhawks are on the clock….

…to end this sorry season, and get the hell out of town, hopefully for good. (and take your sorry management with you.) ESPN’s Ultimate Standings ranked the Hawks dead last in the NHL. This is what yours truly posted on a Tribune blog: Maybe the same people who keep going to Hawks games are the same ones who keep voting […]

Mancow… you’re on the clock

Most useless interview of the day: Inside Radio interviews Mancow Muller. Meanwhile, All Access is reporting that Opie & Anthony this morning declared war on Mancow, for among other things losing stations in Chicago and Des Moines, and the use of staged phone calls (doesn’t every radio show in America do that?)

You’re on the clock

In honor of ESPN’s ridiculously overhyped NFL Draft coverage (yes, I checked the calendar – it’s still March, where we are supposed to be consumed with MARCH MADNESS), we’re putting every post on the clock… from noon today until noon tomorrow, every post title will be “on the clock”, including this blog. This is being done to point out the […]

Syndication Report

This week, Marc Berman in Mediaweek details what’s going on in the world of first-run syndication, in a report you can read by clicking here. (Adobe Acrobat required.) Among the findings: – Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! are still tops in syndication (of course), with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire still performing well, and Family Feud taking it on […]