The latest on the case of Mencia v. Rogan

This case has taken an odd turn: Remember the video that was posted on YouTube featuring Carlos Mencia being confronted by Joe Rogan and was taken down by Mencia because he claimed a copyright violation? According to Aaron Barnhart of the Kansas City Star, it turned out that the clip was actually taken down by Viacom – Mencia is under contract to Viacom and appears on Mind of Mencia which airs on Viacom-owned Comedy Central. Viacom ordered YouTube to pull all of its clips two weeks ago. But the video is still available on Rogan’s MySpace page (as well as this site.)

In a somewhat related note, Viacom made a deal with upstart clips site Joost, to provide clips of MTV Networks programming, and Paramount Pictures.

Meanwhile, Mencia is being vilified by his fellow comics and internet webheads for stealing other comics’ material, and Rogan was dropped by his agent (who also represented Mencia ) and was barred from The Comedy Store, the venue where this incident took place.

Mencia appeared in a BudLight commercial (one of the few well-liked) that aired during the Super Bowl.

I don’t know about you, but isn’t this feud better (and funnier) than Rosie vs. The Donald?