Good Survivor, Bad Survivor

Much like Chicago Bears QB Rex Grossman, many are wondering which Survivor will show up – Good Survivor – the one that’s a money demo powerhouse and a program that genterates plenty or buzz. Or it is Bad Survivor – a program that continues to fall in the ratings each time it premieres and erodes from tougher competition, including NBC’s sitcoms and ABC’s Ugly Betty.

Last night, both showed up.

Good Survivor – the program won its time period with a 5.7 rating among adults 18-49, and had the most total viewers (16.7 million viewers to Ugly Betty’s 14.3 million.)

Bad Survivor – the program also scored its lowest ratings ever, was beaten by Ugly Betty in the overnights (9.9 to 9.6), and Betty did not show any erosion in adults 18-49 from the previous week. Plus in New York City, Entertainment Tonight on WCBS-TV drew more viewers than Survivor did (thanks to the death of Anna Nicole Smith.)

But one thing is certain: Survivor will return next fall to CBS, which may be not the case for Rex Grossman of the Bears.