Emmis fires PDs at WLUP, WKQX

Mike Stern of Q101 (WKQX-FM) and Tim Dukes of the Loop (WLUP-FM) are out, and Radio & Records is reporting on their front page that the positions are being combined into one.

The alternative and classic rock formatted stations, respectively, have struggled in the ratings in the last few years – to the point that both stations have fallen out of the competitive loop. Q101 isn’t even in the top 25 anymore. And this is a station that was in the top 5 a dozen years ago.

In the words of Mediaweek’s Marc Berman, Q101’s format is “waiting for the axe to swing”.

And as for Cara Carriveau, who was canned from The Loop last year for writing a letter to Feder’s column criticizing the radio business (and now has since landed a gig at WTMX) – she’s got to be feeling good right about now…..

Updated at 3:15pm on 2007-02-13.