Congratulations, Jennifer!

Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson for her win for Best Supporting Actress in the movie Dreamgirls from everyone here at The T Dog Media Blog. Thanks for making Chicago and the South Side proud! Keep up the great work!

It’s official: Grey’s Anatomy has jumped the shark

After the stunt in which Grey apparently drowned while rescuing people from a ferry boat accident, she “survived” on Thursday Night’s episode. Wow! It’s a miracle! It’s amazing! It’s a bunch of crock. Thursday’s episode was about as predictable as Mayor Daley winning next Tuesday’s election. We all knew they weren’t going to kill off the lead character of a […]

NBC Tower top site for "Crosswords"

The NBC Tower (home to WMAQ-TV here in Chicago) appears to be a leading candidate to land the production facilities for the new game show from Merv Griffin and syndicator Program Partners, Let’s Play Crosswords, which made a deal on Tuesday with five NBC O&O’s, including WMAQ here. Robert Feder in today’s Sun-Times has a little more on the deal, […]

CBS, YouTube fail to come to agreement

Another setback for YouTube: CBS and Google-owned YouTube have failed to come to an agreement over an extension of an existing deal that would allow clips of the company’s shows to be streamed on the popular video-sharing site. According to The Wall Street Journal, the disagreement was over how long the deal would be. This comes as big media companies […]

The latest on the case of Mencia v. Rogan

This case has taken an odd turn: Remember the video that was posted on YouTube featuring Carlos Mencia being confronted by Joe Rogan and was taken down by Mencia because he claimed a copyright violation? According to Aaron Barnhart of the Kansas City Star, it turned out that the clip was actually taken down by Viacom – Mencia is under […]

Let’s Play Crosswords

And that’s what Program Partners, Merv Griffin, and the William Morris Agency will do this fall as five NBC O&O’s have agreed to clear the new game show for next fall. The stations are: WNBC-TV New York, KNBC-TV Los Angeles, WMAQ-TV Chicago, KNTV San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, and KXAS-TV Dallas. NBC Universal will sell the barter time within the program. (That’s […]

ABC in trouble?

While nobody would notice here in Chicago since everybody (except when American Idol is on) watches ABC 24/7, TV Week is reporting that ABC’s ratings nationally have dropped from first to third in thirty-five days. The network is now tied with NBC in the money demo (adults 18-49). While ABC’s core shows are still strong (though Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly […]

It’s official: XM and Sirius to merge

If this comes to pass, they’d better hope the Republicans are in control of Congress and the White House in 2008. XM Press Release There will be a joint conference call and press conference to announce the deal at 7:30 am (CT) Tuesday. You can listen to it on Sirius Channel 122 and XM Channel 200, and available on each […]

Old rivals square off again

Before there was Fox vs. CNN, there was Fox vs. Tribune – a rivalry on the same level with the Bears vs. Packers, with both entities owning television stations in the top three markets. (Bill O’Reilly is no fan of the Tribune Co., occasionally blasting the company’s newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune – I wonder why he doesn’t blast its […]

Marv Dyson’s Legacy

Former WGCI mogul Marv Dyson was profiled by WBBM-Ch.2 on their newscast Saturday Night, detailing his 40-year career in the business – which included his start at WJPC-AM and moving on to WVON and later FM market leader WGCI. During his time at those stations, he helped groom personalities who later became urban radio’s biggest stars -a list that includes […]

Celebrity Comedian Smackdown

No punches were drawn (rats), but comedians Carlos Mencia (Mind of Mencia) and Joe Rogan (Fear Factor, The Man Show) square off at The Comedy Store in L.A. over Mencia stealing Rogan’s jokes… And Rogan’s agent dumped him because of it… (not to mention he is now banned from The Comedy Store) But wait… This gets better. Video of this […]