Man laws repealed

In a move that really doesn’t surprise anyone, Miller Brewing Co. has dropped its “Man Law” campaign, which is effective immediately.

The ads, which featured celebrities such as Burt Reynolds, former coach and Fox football analyst Jimmy Johnson, and WWE wrestler Triple H (who’s injured again) sitting around The Square Table, discussing and establishing “Man Laws”, which included no fruit in beer (hell, who knew that?), and no baking on game day. (And perhaps if they saw Byron Harlan’s antics on Sunday, they would have made this man law: no creating Soul Train lines at Soldier Field. LOL)

Miller Lite has struggled to maintain market share- it has been slipping the last 12 months, while its rivals, Bud Light and Coors Light, have gained market share. The brand has not really had a successful ad campaign since the Great Taste-Less Filling campaign of the 1970’s. Recent campaigns have been forgettable: The ads created by the fictional ad executive “Dick” in the late 1990’s and 2004’s Miller Lite vs. Bud Light presidential-themed campaign in which Miller Lite “ran” against Bud Light and took potshots at its rival in ads.

A new, toned-down campaign launched during the Bears-Saints game on Sunday.

Meanwhile, you can still access Miller Lite’s “Man Laws” website here.