Here’s another event nobody cares about

Here’s another clueless organization that just can’t seem to get it right: The Miss America Pageant tanked on CMT Monday Night, drawing just 2.4 million viwers, compared to 3 million viewers last year. Like the NHL did with its All-Star game this year, Miss America moved its failing pageant to cable in 2006, and moved it to a weeknight against tough competition.

Who’s running the Miss America organization, Gary Bettman?

I would write another T Dog Blog Think Tank article on Miss America blowing it, but I’m tired. I have a better idea: Read the post below and just replace the NHL’s name with the Miss America Organization. It’s the same thing basically. I’m going to bed.

By the way, some chick who’s from that state that’s also the name of a 1955 play won.