Here’s another event nobody cares about

Here’s another clueless organization that just can’t seem to get it right: The Miss America Pageant tanked on CMT Monday Night, drawing just 2.4 million viwers, compared to 3 million viewers last year. Like the NHL did with its All-Star game this year, Miss America moved its failing pageant to cable in 2006, and moved it to a weeknight against […]

T Dog Think Tank: NHL blows it again

This is becoming a common theme here at the T Dog Media Blog Think Tank: _____ blows it again. Fill in the blank. Two weeks ago, it was radio. Again. This week, the NHL. Again. It’s like we’re playing The Match Game. Only this time, we’re dealing with people much dumber than Dora. This year’s NHL All-star Game, which was […]

Super Bowl Watch: When is too much… too much?

WBBM-Ch. 2 found that out when they put a Super Bowl countdown clock on the upper-left hand corner on the screen – continuously – and the complaints rolled in. (and as if their blue lower right-hand bug on the screen wasn’t enough.) Well, it’s gone – at least during network and at the top and bottom of the hour of […]

Super Bowl Watch: Stations are ready to cover the game

(First off, I’ll be posting mainly in the late-night hours this week because of other commitments that have popped up during other hours of the day…. But I will post breaking news when I feel its warranted…. On that note…) Stations in Illinois and Indiana are gearing up to cover the big game: – The CBS affiliates in the home-team […]

ET bumped for Bears

For those of you who need their Britney-Lindsey-Angelina-Rosie-Donald fix, move over: CBS-owned WBBM-TV is pushing Mary Hart out for a week to air “Mission Miami: Countdown to the Super Bowl”, which covers the Bears at the big game, all this week at 6:30pm. But those who need that fix can tune to Entertainment Tonight’s sister show The Insider, on WCIU-TV […]

T Dog Think Tank: Radio industry blows it again

If you haven’t heard by now, a woman died in a radio stunt in Sacramento earlier this month. Jennifer Strange, a 28-year old mother of three, participated in a “Hold Your Water For A Wii” contest for local radio station KDND-FM, a Pop/Top 40 station in Sacramento, aka “The End”, as part of the morning show called “The Morning Rave”. […]

WBBM-Ch.2 to help with HDTV before Super Bowl

With the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl, CBS-owned WBBM-TV has set up an HDTV hotline to help viewers who have problems receiving the station’s HDTV signal over the air (antenna). WBBM has been notorious for having problems with its over-the-air HD signal. For more information on how to receive the station’s HD signal with an antenna or through cable, […]

Spike O’Dell out at WGN – three years from now

Times may change, but many things stay the same in Chicago year after year – Daley in City Hall, Democrats controlling Cook County, WLS-TV topping in the Nielsens and WGN-AM ruling the roost in morning drive. But a change in morning drive at WGN is coming – three years from now. Spike O’Dell told the Trib’s Phil Rosenthal that he’s […]

New name, same old stuff

The “i” network, which changed from PAX two years ago, is changing its name again – to MyNetworkTV2! Actually, its changing its name to ION, named after the company who now controls the network. Many industry insiders have joked that the “i” in the “i” network stood for infomericals, referring to the high number of paid programs that air on […]

That’s nice…. but the shows still suck

ESPN will begin to produce two of its daily shows, Cold Pizza and 1st and 10 (no relation to the former HBO sitcom) in high-definition, beginning in June. That’s great in all, but the shows still suck, considering who’s hosting them. (Perhaps they should concentrate on upgrading the content rather than the picture.) Look for me to use the same […]

Yes, it’s still around

Phil Rosenthal has a short story today in the Tribune about the continuing sagging fortunes of MyNetworkTV and Fox’s station operations president Dennis Swanson insistence that the brand will be big – someday. In the article, Mr. Swanson points out that his stations need prime-time network programming (Translation: our stations aren’t paying anything for prime-time-unlike the CW and independent stations, […]

Tribune Watch: Murdoch wants in

Add the owner of NewsCorp to the list of names that want the Tribune Co. Rupert Murdoch wants to buy the Tribune-owned New York Newsday, so he can consolidate back offices between that paper and the New York Post, the paper he owns. But Murdoch owning the Tribune Co.? It may not be likely (because of the regulation mess), but […]

Goofy Greg is Gone

Sony Pictures Television has axed first-year talk show The Greg Behrendt Show because of poor ratings. The death blow came when Tribune, a partner in the talk show, dropped it on its stations in favor of the new Jerry Springer-spinoff talk show, hosted by Steve Wilkos. The program was axed by other stations as well, including WDIV in Detroit. The […]

Man laws repealed

In a move that really doesn’t surprise anyone, Miller Brewing Co. has dropped its “Man Law” campaign, which is effective immediately. The ads, which featured celebrities such as Burt Reynolds, former coach and Fox football analyst Jimmy Johnson, and WWE wrestler Triple H (who’s injured again) sitting around The Square Table, discussing and establishing “Man Laws”, which included no fruit […]