UPDATED: Finally! A decision the FCC made that actually makes sense

The FCC rejected a rather bogus license challenge from Third Coast Press over Chicago’s 18 television stations. (I’ve never heard of them either.)

While there are problems with local news, it’s not up to special interest groups (left or right) to determine what should be on newscasts, let alone what programming should be on local television stations.

Update: Here is Third Coast Press’ website and FCC filing. It’s an independent newspaper only available on the web (which they don’t seem to update that often.) While I’m all for independent media (especially as alternatives for the two rotten big dailies), their execution of this license challenge was just outright pathetic. They should have done more research instead of the let’s-group-everyone-in-this-corner approach. While Broadcasting & Cable reported on this today, Robert Feder figured it wasn’t worth mentioning. (but hey, there may be good deal on that house Walt Disney lived in.)

Updated 12-16-06 at 12:18p

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