The Excellent 10

Here we go! I am honored to present to you: The Excellent 10: The best television shows of 2006. Once again, we’re counting them down American Top 40 style, from number 10 to number 1.… 10. Pardon the Interruption (ESPN). Despite Kornhiser…. And LeBatard…. 9. Simpsons (Fox). 8. Arrested Development (Fox). R.I.P. 7. South Park (Comedy Central). Despite a handful […]

CBS co-founder dies

It’s been a rough December in the entertainment business, where it seems like legends are dying every few days. Now, another death – this time the person who co-founded CBS with William Paley, Frank Stanton, dies at 98.

That’s a wrap for 2006

We’re taking a breather from blogging as everything slows down due to the holidays (particularly after this wild week!) On Wednesday, I’ll post The Excellent 10 — the best shows of the year (The Toilet Bowl 10 post is below this one), but we won’t return to full speed until January 2. If there’s any breaking news in the media […]

The Toilet Bowl 10

Here is the worst of the worst. We’re counting down the worst TV programs of 2006. Other blogs rank their lists from one to ten. Where’s the excitement in that? Why start at Number One? Here at the T Dog Blog, we do things differently. We’re counting them down Casey Kasem-style, from #10 to #1. Now, on with the countdown….. […]

Bart Simpson’s Week 16 NFL picks

Bart Simpson: (c) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. That’s right. You heard me. Bart Simpson this week is picking NFL games on (If you’re a gambling man, don’t take his advice. He thinks the Chiefs play in St. Louis.) He said he once drove to Cincinnati (no doubt to loot in the 2001 race riots), and […]

Wake up with Wolf

Bruce Wolf, who joined WMAQ-TV morning’s team after being unceremoniously dumped at WFLD-TV earlier this year, will shine (make that rise and shine) in an new early-morning offbeat news show called Barely Today, that will begin Jan. 15. The program will air at 4:30am (yes 4:30am), which pushes Early Today to 4am. The program launches on Dr. Martin Luther King […]

Big Ten Network to headquarted here (Take that Indy!)

They may have gotten the tournament, but we got their network… The new Big Ten Network announced yesterday that it is basing its headquarters here in Chicago on Chicago Avenue in the renovated Montgomery Wards building. There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the new headquarters, with dignitaries including Mayor Daley and Alderman Walter Burnett Jr.(27th).

Down to the wire

The Broadcasting & Cable TV Critics Poll is out, and HBO’s The Wire topped the charts for best overall show of 2006. The runner-ups included freshman sensation Heroes in second place, and 24 came in third. For best comedy they picked The Office, best drama went to The Wire, and best reality show went to The Amazing Race. As for […]

Toss Up

Welcome to Pardon the Interruption! Filling in for Tony and Mike today, I’m your host, T Dog. The hell with headlines, let’s get to our game today – Toss Up! Let’s go to the producer… Producer: Who is the biggest moron? Jay Mariotti or Bill O’Reilly? Hmmm. That’s a tough one. One is an asshole. The other is an asshole. […]

T Dog Blog Think Tank: Second Chances

Miss USA Tara Conner and Chicago Bears’ defensive tackle Terry “Tank” Johnson may not cross each other in their lifetimes, but they share a lot in common: On Tuesday, they both got second chances from their respective organizations. Both held press conferences, both apologized, and both were told it was their last chance. Tuesday morning, Miss Universe Organization CEO Donald […]

"King of the Hill" is back on at 7:30 Sundays. Central Time.

Yes! Fox’s King of the Hill is back in its original time slot where it launched in January 1997, the plum slot after The Simpsons. This means that American Dad, which has occupied that slot, is moving back to its 8:30 pm (Central Time) slot, all effective January 28. Family Guy’s time slot remains unchanged. King of the Hill will […]

TV Prevue news you can use

Mirror a trend that’s been going on in other newspapers, the Sun-Times is eliminating its TV Prevue section and moving its TV listings online (scroll way down to the end to see article). This comes on the heels on the news that TV Guide Canada eliminated its magazine and moved its listings online recently. I went to the Sun-Times TV […]

The V of Doom lowers the boom

Viacom has backed out of a proposed video website collaboration that included NBC Universal and CBS (which split from Viacom earlier this year.) that would take on independent video sharing site YouTube. Viacom’s pullout now puts the project in jeopardy. (Disclaimer: The T Dog Blog is not responsible for anyone who has nightmares trigged by seeing and/or remembering this logo. […]