… and don’t hit your ass out the door! (Part 2)

Britney dumps Kevin:


I know. I know. This is a media blog, and there should be no room for celebrity fluff. But hey, I’m not to pass up this opportunity to take a few shots….

1. This marriage is just as over as the Steelers’ season.

2. Now that his meal ticket is gone, K-Fed will go back to doing what he does best… beg for change on the expressway off-ramp.

3. He will be in town for a concert soon. To get a feel of what his future is going to be like, he should stand outside of Wendy’s on Madison and Clark in the Loop and sell Streetwise.

4. He could be the PC guy on those Apple commercials.

5. Maybe he can go play for the Blackhawks. As a loser, he’ll fit in perfectly.

6. Oh yeah, the concert. If people want to see losers, they’ll go to Cubs games.

7. Maybe he’ll join the cast of ‘Til Death. Like his music gig, he can appear on a sitcom that will also be short lived.

8. This marriage is just as over as Britney’s career.