Don’t feed the morons

This guy would be better qualified to run a radio station than some of the “professionals” on these radio message boards. Or to become governor of Illinois. Click on this link here:,52168.0.html#top Yep. A Story that’s not true. (yet, anyway.) A post that’s on the front page of this website. Considering the poster is probably some in-bred redneck idiot […]

More Changes

Change No. 1: NBC resurrects Thursday Must see lineup From 7 to 9 (Central) Thursdays beginning next month, all the network’s comedies will be on one night. Except “Twenty Good Years”. This shitcom, which hasn’t had one good episode, is on indefinite hiatus: No. 2: New Syndicated talk shows shift slots The Greg Behrendt Show and Dr. Keith Albow have […]

Finally! A network that the NHL can beat in the ratings

Remember MyNetworkTV? That groovy new network that all the square cats are watching? No? Neither does anybody else! With Maureen Ryan of the Trib is busy slamming the CW for their moves, and Marc Berman of Mediaweek ignoring it all together, Advertising Age apparently remembers there’s a MNT: [subscription required] I have also found that here in Chicago (and […]

TBS wins League Championship series

With declining audiences for sporting events (particularly baseball) on broadcast TV, a move to cable was bound to happen: This is on top of a deal that gives Turner exclusive rights to the divisional playoff series beginning next year and Sunday afternoon games in 2008.

Steve Lyons, meet Lamar Thomas. Lamar Thomas, meet Steve Lyons.

It was not a good weekend for sports analysts: Fox fired Steve Lyons for insensitive comments regarding fellow analyst (now Cubs manager) Lou Pinella and his use of Spanish during Game 3 of the ALCS Friday night, while Comcast SportsSouth (not related to Comcast SportsNet) canned former Cane Lamar Thomas for thoughtless comments during that big brawl in […]

Ugly Betty Is Beautiful

As expected, ABC picks up Ugly Betty for a full season: (Way to go, ABC!) Although the show is losing to the increasingly bland Survivor in the key adult 18-49 demographic, it is beating the reality show in total viewers and households. (This is what happens when you divide the tribes by race and merge the teams too early. […]

Biggest waste of space since Skip Bayless’ column

Just wondering… Does the Chicago Tribune really need an Internet critic? Given the fact that the guy writing the column is a complete, utter moron: Another waste of space in the Tribune’s Tempo section.

The Girl Who Everyone Thinks Is A Nut

Monique Calhoun, who was eliminated on America’s Next Top Model last week, would fit right in working for either Rod Blagojevich’s or Judy Baar Topinka’s gubernatorial campaigns: default.aspx?posting={716E5AB9-09A1-409E-8DB5-764C2F4411E9} If Monique ran for governor, this loser would probably gather more votes than those other two losers. (P.S. I hope Monique’s a Cub fan…)

Google Buys YouTube

There are 1.6 billion reasons why Google’s buying YouTube (and none of them involve T.O.): Chicago Tribune:,1,1720320.story?coll=chi-news-hed Broadcasting & Cable Television Week: Mediaweek:


If you read Robert Feder’s column yesterday, or logged on to radio-related message boards on the Internet, you probably know by now that Cara Carriveau was fired from WLUP-FM (97.9), “The Loop” — all because she wrote a letter to Mr. Feder decrying the state of radio in Chicago. (The story actually broke last night in the Chicago Tribune courtesy […]